Pokémon GO Game

Pokémon Go is an android and iPhone game which has been developed on the Niantic’s real world platform famous for various types f gaming. This game allows the individual playing to be able to use the real locations that they are in as a way of urging them to look for Pokemons and track them down in the actual world.

When exploring the game, a person is able to capture hundreds of Pokemon varieties. Actual tracking is made possible by the player’s phone camera being used to view the world where as the GPS used to help in tracking location of the Pokemons.

Overview of Pokémon GO

This game is able to give the player real time adventure that makes it possible to go into real places such as the streets or the mall to track and capture Pokemons on your phone. The aim is that the player captures a Pokemon and trains it. The Pokemons nearby are clearly shown through the phone camera such that it feels like they are actually in front of you in the real world.

Catching All Pokemons

When playing the game as you walk down the street for instance, a Pokemon would appear in front of you in the Pokémon Go cheats Map in your game. Noticing rustling of leaves while playing the game signifies that there is a Pokemon real close to you. You may also notice three footprints on the map which would mean that the Pokemons are a little bit far from you.

Pokémon Go

However, if you notice only one footprint on the map, it means that there is a Pokemon behind you. The way one is supposed to play is by taping on the Pokemon so that it appears in front of you, then you throw Pokeballs at it by swiping across the screen in a bid to capture it.

The Pokémon GO game has gained huge popularity due to its addictiveness and the fact that it makes one feel like they are capturing the Pokemons in the actual world by using their location and real environment which makes the game to be very interesting.

Boom Beach Hack

Get the Boom Beach Hack

Are you crazy towards playing online mobile games? Do you want to fight against various enemies in order to save your island? Then you must consider playing the new online game known as Boom Beach.

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Boom Beach Hack

Below have been discussed the best possible ways to get these resources and thereby win the Boom Beach online game in an effective way.

1. Enter the Username

The first and foremost important step is to enter the user name in the specific place. This will enable you to activate the account.

2. Choose specific amounts

The next important step is to enter the amounts of Boom Beach hack that you are willing to have in your account. It will be wise for you to enter adequate amounts of gold, diamond, iron, wood, and stone in order to face the various challenges of the game in the best possible way.

3. Choose the extra features

The next important step is to select the extra features in the game. It will be wise for you to choose the automatic proxy selector feature of the specific online game.

4. Generate the features

The next vital step is to generate the features that you have chosen. In order to do so, you need to click on the “Generate” button and wait for just few seconds in order to activate various features of the game.

5. Verify the specific resources at the Boom Beach hack

The last vital step is to verify the resources and thereby open an account.

These are some of the vital steps by which you will be able to enjoy the various unique features of Boom Beach online game and thereby win it in order to save the island.

Hay Day – A Farmer’s Journey

Hay Day is one of the most popular free-to-play mobile games from the creators of Clash of Clans.

The game is pretty simple: your uncle left you a farm, and now you need to grow vegetables, feed chickens, pigs, cows and sheep, and produce a variety of products for sale. You can even sell these products at the auction on the internet. Hay Day players also often use Hay Day cheats to generate free resources online.

Hay Day

The Rules of The Hay Day Game

Hay Day has a perfectly balanced game mechanics. Upon starting the game, you will see the central building, which is there for collecting your achievements. It is necessary to accomplish certain tasks: selling things using a truck, selling goods to your guests, cutting wool off your sheep, etc. As a reward you receive diamonds and experience.

In order to plant or build something – press the office button in the lower left corner. You can choose from several tabs, from animals to buildings and landscape designs. The higher your level, the more buildings and objects you can build.

It is especially enjoyable how the planting was implemented: tapping and holding is all that is required. This mechanic makes the gameplay really pleasant. The process of the building is about the same: tap on the type of building, select the item and drag the icon to an empty slot. Number of empty icons can be increased, but only if you’re willing to spend your precious diamonds.

There are two kinds of guests you can interact with – real gamers and AI. The only purpose of AI is that you can always sell things to them. The real people who walk by your territory can either buy something at your store by the road, or sneak in to search for some goodies.

The Animals of Hay Day

All animals must be fed regularly, otherwise they don’t produce goods for you to sell. So, it is necessary to build a manger and spend a certain amount of vegetables, which you have to grow first. Each kind of animal has different period of maturation: chickens produce eggs every 20 minutes, but sheep give wool only every 8 hours.

The best animals in the game must be pigs. They are adorable! But the most entertaining part of the game is the production of bacon. Hay Day is primarily designed for children, so don’t expect gallons of blood. Just try it and you will understand why the developers of the game are an incredibly creative team.

Bonuses and Side Quests

For those who like surprises the game offers a nice bonus – chests with treasure, which can be found on the territory of your own or someone else’s farm in unexpected spots. Some chests are free, but others may require payment. Chests can have diamonds or items for upgrading buildings inside.

Another opportunity to earn a little experience is to help friends by saving their trees. All trees and berry bushes don’t live for too long, so people may ask for your help either to grow them back or to cut them off.

This game is really beautiful and fits gamers of every generation. If you have trouble going through some stages you can always buy necessary items for real money – that’s the freedom of free-to-play gaming. Just be mindful and don’t overuse this option, especially don’t let your kids uncontrollably buy everything. Otherwise, have a lot of fun!

Clash of Clans – Strategy Game Review

Clash of Clans Introduction

Clash of Clans is a strategy video game which was developed in 2012 by Supercell, a reputable company domiciled in Helsinki, Finland. It involves participants who can build or expand their villages, unlock powerful warriors, put up strong defenses, raid and steal resources from their enemies, join existing clans, or form completely new clans.

Clash-of-Clans-Hack.nl biedt een gratis Clash of Clans hack aan. The game is supported on iOS and Android mobile platforms. It has also been freely available on the iTunes store and Google Play Store since August 2012 and October 2013 respectively.

Although this game can be played for free, the premium version (which contains more features) can be purchased from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. You can use a free Clash of Clans hack to get free resources.

Distinctive Clash of Clans Features

The following are some of the features of the Clash of Clans game:

  • Participants can build their own villages into unbeatable fortresses.
  • Players are given the freedom to build their own armies that may be composed of; Barbarians, Dragons, Archers, Wizards or Hog Riders.
  • They can engage in battles with players from different parts of the world and get rewarded with trophies.
  • They have the freedom to team up with other participants to come up with the ‘Ultimate Clan’ in CoC.
  • The platform gives all participants the liberty to build up to eighteen distinctive units, with each unit containing several levels of upgrades.
  • The participants can easily identify potential adversaries.
  • They can defend their villages by building strong walls or tall towers, or by using an assortment of weapons such as; cannons, traps, mortars and explosives.
  • When participants defeat many enemies and effectively score high points, they can ultimately face the Goblin King in battle. Rewards are earned in the form of gold or elixir.
  • The game can be played on iPads, iPhones or Android devices.

The Gameplay

Clash of Clans cheats gems is a multiplayer game whereby participants can build or expand their villages, unlock powerful warriors, put up strong defenses, raid and steal resources from their enemies, join existing clans, or form completely new clans.

Rewards are earned in the form of gold or elixir. The elixir can then be used in building defenses, which then protect the players against attacks by enemies. The elixir is also used in training or upgrading troops.

Clash of Clans

Types of Troops

In Clash of Clans cheats sur CoCAstuces.fr, troops are divided into five major categories; Tier One, Tier Two, Tier Three, Heroes and Dark Elixir Troops.

Tier One-composed of Barbarians, Goblins and Archers. Tier Two-composed of Giants, Wizards, Wall Breakers and Balloons. Tier Three-composed of Dragons, PEKKAS and Healers. Heroes-made up of the Archer Queen and the Barbarian King. Dark Elixir Troops-consists of the Minions, Lava Hounds, Hog Riders, Witches, Valkyries and Golems.

Clan Wars

Typically, the clans consist of players who form groups that support each other by either donating troops or giving advice. An individual player can only join a clan after he/she has completed rebuilding the assigned Clan Castle.

Clash of Clans usually involves fights between different clans. These clan wars are usually initiated by either the clan leaders or their assistants. In every session, each of these warring clans is given one day to prepare for war, and one day to engage in the war.